Welcome to Deano’s Auto Restorations by Dean Prodger

Deano’s Auto Restorations has been my dream since I was young. My passion for cars originated from watching, and learning from family and friends with their old cars and projects. As I got older my interest became stronger, and led to me owning my first Holden at the age of 12. I knew from then what I wanted to be, and started an apprenticeship in panelbeating at 16¬†years old, consisting of mostly of rust repair, involving panel fabrication.

At the age of 22, I opened a restoration panel shop, and also took on the qualifications as a spray painter. Over the years of juggling an expanding business, and having a young family, led to a decision of downsizing, and dedicating my time to my passion of Holden restorations. These days my business is operated online, specialising in supply of hand fabricated repair panels for Holden HK HT & HG models.

I am a qualified panelbeater and spray painter with a genuine love for Holden and American GM vehicles. With 30 plus years experience in car restoration and panelbeating trade.